We will indiciate using this colour what has been changed or appended this year.

Common Rules For All Participants

Team Participation and Player Participation
Registration Deadlines
  • Team Registration Period: 2017/5/20 ~ 2017/8/27
  • Deadline for determining the amount of songs: 2017/09/22
  • Deadline for Team Name: 2017/09/22
  • Registration Period: 2017/09/29 0:00 ~ 2017/10/11 23:59 (JST)
  • Evaluation Period: 2017/10/14 ~2017/11/20
  • Date of public release: Scheduled to take place some time during the registration period.

※ There is a possibility that the Evaluation Period time will be changed based on the number of registered teams.

Participants (entries) who do not register during the registration period will be disqualified. Please be forewarned.
Teams that do not submit their specified amount of songs will be excluded from the score aggregation.
Please note, this event will not excuse people who are late.
In order to cope with the server becoming overloaded at the registration deadline, we have introduced a loss time where the system allows registrations several minutes after the end of the registration period. Songs registered during the loss time will not be disqualified.

Regardless wether or not the entry is complete
only registering an entry with information or registering an incomplete entry is regrded as an act of "pre-registration".
This will be disqualified upon notice.

(Please check the BMS terms below to learn more about what constitutes as an incomplete entry)

Also, not exclusive to this event, many people can not register due to registration errors caused by missing required items when trying to register before the deadline.
Registering takes time, so please register within a decent margin before the deadline.

All works will become available for the players at some time between 10/3 and 10/6. However, if a certain criteria is met, they will be released. [More detail]

Prohibitions For All Participants

When participating in a team or as a player (by posting impressions), these prohibitions applies to both.
If these prohibited acts are done, it will result in the disqualification of the song or deletion of the posted data.
The final decision will be made by the event management.

  • Creating an entry or an impression intended to slander, harass or abuse a particular person.
  • Threatening, extortion and obsessive acts against specific people (unless permission for this has been received)

Team Entry Rules

BMS Registration Provisions

In this event, it is required to register in advance. Please note that teams who did not register in advance can not participate in the event.
The registration page will be announced on the top page at a later date, please make sure to register when it is available.

Team Provisions

In this event, the person responsible for slicing keysounds / creating the music data, and producing at least one chart is considered a BMS producer.
People who do not correspond to these requirements (composer, arranger, BGA creator, vocal staff, etc) are all considered support staff.
Please fill in every person involved in the team as members. At least 2 members are required. (※1)
All people involved with the BMS production, such as BGA(BGI) creator, vocalist, performance assistant, chart creator, etc. must be listed as members.
The members in a team can be changed after registering, but there is a possibility of disqualification if the number of entered members and amount of actual members are too far apart.
In addition, this year it is prohibited to be leaders of several teams. (※2)

You must declare the number of songs your team in advance and make sure to submit the declared amount. The amount you may pick is 2 to 4 songs per team. Declaring 1 song or more than 5 songs is not possible.
You may change the amount of songs between 2 to 4 up until 1 week before the registration period. If a team does not submit the amount of songs declared, then that team will not be counted for in the Team Total Score and Team Median departments.

Like last year, we prohibit a single team to register more than one theme.

※1) Pseudonyms and self-made performances do not count towards the number of people.
※2) A team leader may not be leader for other teams, however, he/she may be a member of several teams.

The Team Genre System

When you register a team, you have to decide the genre of the team.
The genre determines the theme or style of the team, so to speak.
The team genres this time will only be "Original", "Copy/Arrangement", or "Mixed".
Consider the team genre as a guide when appealing to players.

Ace Song System

The Ace Song System lets you have a single ace song when registering songs.
Ace songs will gets its score multiplied by 1.25. This is known as the "Ace Song Bonus", and will only affect Team Total Points Department.

This year we have changed it so that you can not distinguish ace songs from other songs.
The songs that were ace songs will become distinguishable after the evaluation period has ended.

BMS Regulations

BMS (bmson) works produced for this event are eligible.
You may not register a BMS that has been published in the past.

In addition, the bmson format is eligible.
AS the term "BMS" is used in the rules, simply replace it with "bmson".
Please be sure to indicate that you are using the bmson format when registering.

Please make sure the BMS is playable using Lunatic Rave 2 or beatoraja(※ Guide). For compression, For compression, please use ZIP, RAR or 7-zip format. Additionally, compressing in LZH or self-extracting archives are prohibited.
The following points are prohibited and will cause a BMS to be disqualified. Please take note of these.

  1. Incomplete entries at the time of registration
    • Incomplete entries include an entry that has not yet reached the minimum requirements (keysound data, placement, or at least one chart).
      Entries that do not play as intended are regarded as preliminary registrations by the management and may be disqualified.
    • If an entry meets the minimum requirements, it will not be disqualified. This includes entries without BGA(BGI) or additional charts.
  2. Unable to play
    • Entries referred to as "No keysound BMS" are not allowed.
    • Even entries that are not illegal will be disuqalified.
  3. A BMS where the main focus is not music, such as BMSA.
    • 音MAD entries are also prohibited.
  4. BMS that is extracted from commercial music games.
    • This also includes using sounds extracted from BEMANI games,
  5. BMS consisting of sounds from Musicbox.
  6. BMS using MIDI files.
    • This is prohibited even if the MIDI data meets GM standards.
    • Entries using sounds recorded from MIDI are not prohibited.
  7. Entries of songs without the consent from the composer or original author.
    • When making arrangements and remixes, please make sure to contact the original author to prevent troubles. Make your arrangement/remix after getting permission.

In addition, the following BMS may be disqualified after being reviewed by the management. In some cases it might be deleted altogether.

  1. Entries with the intention of slandering, criticizing, harassing or abusing specific people or organizations. (※)
  2. When, via formal communication, a copyright holder notifies the event management that one of the entries violates their copyright.

There must be at least 1 chart that is either 5KEYS, 7KEYS, 10KEYS, 14KEYS or 9KEYS.
Regarding hidden charts: They should not count when creating impressions.

If there is a BMS that does not comply with the regulations, or if a BMS file is missing, the entry will be disqualified. Please note this.

In recent years, the charts have gotten increasingly difficult for beginners and moderate players.
If possible, please include a chart that is considerably easy (lv1 ~ lv3), so that beginners may also enjoy your entry. (However, this is not compulsory)

Use the designated tags for entries that only work on specific players, such as the usage of banners, ogg format sounds, extended WAV definitions, extended BGA definition, extended BMP definition, video files, longnotes, stop notes, etc. If there is a chart that uses these, please specify the recommended BMS player.

In recent years, the amount of songs using video files for BGA has increased, but in order to avoid troubles using the AVI codec,
please use WMV or MPEG1 (mpg file) for video files. (Not compulsory)

Please include every creator in the entry, including yourself and others who worked on the entry.
If you have used free video or image materials, please link the source to these.

※ If an entry dealing with extreme expressions is registered, and it is determined that keeping it may be harmful to the event, it may be deleted without notice. In that case, we will delete all the information in the entry, rather than disqualifying the entry.

The management does not take responsibility for any troubles caused by the entries, nor does the management take any responsibility for damage or loss caused by this.

Distribution Provisions

Please upload your BMS to a web server or a storage service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
You may use firestorage's timed storage, or an upload site such as Axfc, but distribution deadline has been established (it can not be indefinite). Please avoid storage sites that are prone to extreme data flushing or that are difficult to download from.
Please avoid upload sites that are complicated as much as possible, such as those that require installing a plugins, logging in to an account etc.

We will allow secondary distribution of the BMS submitted in this event,
and we will sponsor volunteer packages in the form of torrents or direct downloads during the event period.

Those who do not wish for their works to be redistributed may not participate in this event.

Package Distribution via Torrent

The event management will not create a torrent or a downloadable package for this event.

We will not disallow the distribution of torrent packages created by volunteers, so please distribute them freely using your own judgement.
Please consider that those who are considering creating a torrent may only distribute copies/arrangements/remixes that are original or permitted by ceena.

Appeal Provisions

Whilst there is no problem publishing the music and BGA to online services for MP3, videos on so on,
please refrain from publishing a video of the charts before they are available for download. There is a chance a song may be disqualified if this is the case.


Player Participation Rules

Provisions regarding player participation

In BOFU2017, the score of an entry is decided by the votes in the impressions.
Users can choose between a normal impression or a single line impression.
The ranking is determined by the total score from all impressions. (See the aggregation method below)

Normal Impression

The impression may consist of several lines.
The point range is 0 to 1000 points.
Anonymous and "no comment" impressions are not possible.

Single Line Impression

This is a form of simple impressions on a single line.
These impressions may be anonymous.
The point range is 0 to 1000 points.

Note: About "no comment" impressions.

If you post a single line impression with no comments, it will be treated as a vote.
Although votes will be accounted for in the scoring,
they will not appear on the event venue recent history.


For the convenience of the event system, scores sent from smartphones and tablets are prohibited.
We are sorry for this trouble, but please use a computer for posting scores.
You may only post comments without scores from smartphones and tablets.

You can not modify or delete impressions after posting them.
Please make sure to proof-read the impression before sending it.
If there is a mistake, please request a correction in the correction form.

The following kinds of impressions may be deleted without notice.
Especially if no. 3 to 5 are done, it may result in your other impressions being excluded from the score aggregation.
Even if you submit impressions to songs later on, it may not be included in the score aggregation.

Please note that the justification for deleting impressions will be decided by the event management.
Even if you point out that your impression is deleted, we will not respond to it depending on the content.

  1. Impressions or votes to your own entry.
  2. Impressions or votes to your team members' entries.
  3. Impressions with no relevancy to the entry.
  4. Impressions where the author is the point of evaluation.
  5. Vandalising the venue.
  6. Impressions sent via anonymous proxies.
  7. Advertisements and spam
In recent years there has been an increasing amount of people inflating the scores of their own entries. If this happens, we will perform a large-scale posting regulation.

Team Scoring

We will calculate the team total score differently per department,
based on the impressions for each song per team.

Team Median Score Department

In this department, we take all the scores for a team and put them in ascending order and find the center number, the median.
Winning or losing depends on the median score of the impressions. Please note that this is a different aggregation method than the average score.
In addition, the median score department will only count teams that put out the number of entries declared before the registration period.
Also, the score bonus from the ace song system is not applied.

Team Total Score Department

This department calculates the total score from the impressions for every entry in a team.
Unlike the median score department, it will not be lowered by impressions with low scores.
In addition, for Ace songs there is an additional bonus where the songs' total score is multiplied by 1.25.

Single Scoring

For the sake of reference, we will also publish a division that ranks all the individual entries without considering the teams.
These departments only exist as reference points and do not affect the team score departments whatsoever.

Single Median Department (For Reference)

The aggregation is the same as the team median department, where all impressions scores are sorted to find the value in the middle, the median.
We will rank the median value for each song. Ace song bonus is not applied.

Single Total Score Department (For Reference)

In this department we calculate the total score based on all the impressions on a single entry and determine the rank this way..
Unlike the team total score department, the ace song bonus is not applied here.

Team Aggregation Method

Song Amount Total Score Department Median Score Department
2 ((Total score of each song × 1.5) × 2 songs) + Ace song bonus points All the individual scores for each song (2 songs) are sorted in ascending order and the number in the center, the median, is located.
3 Total score of each song (3 songs) + Ace song bonus points All the individual scores for each song (3 songs) are sorted in ascending order and the number in the center, the median, is located.
4 ((Total score of each song ÷ 1.33) × 4 songs) + Ace song bonus points All the individual scores for each song (4 songs) are sorted in ascending order and the number in the center, the median, is located.
This event is not affiliated and has nothing to do with the music games that various companies are developing. There is no guarantee that the popular BMS works entered in this event will be included in these music games. We are not responsible for any inquiries regarding including the songs submitted to this event in these music games. Thank you for understanding.