2017/10/03 一斉公開日のルール修正



"BOFU2017 [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS ULTIMATE 2017] - LEGENDA EST A MYTH -" (hereinafter referred to as BOFU2017) is an event where people create songs using the format called BMS, and submit them online. This is an online BMS event. Everyone is welcome to participate, as the rules require a minimum of 2 entries (maximum 4) per team, where teams must consist of at least 2 members. The amount of entries will be declared in advance by the team.

Original works, copy (cover), arrangements and remixes are eligible to participate in the event as a BMS (including PMS and bmson) with keysounds.
There are no restrictions on msuci genre, file size, BGA (or lack there of) as long as it meets the participation conditions. It also does not matter wether or not you have experience with BMS production. Even first-timers are welcome as long as they meet the participation conditions. Please register works that meet the participation conditions during the registration period at the specified event venue. You can post impressions and evaluations on the page for each registered work during the evaluation period.
Please note that that this is a BMS event. As such, make sure to play the BMS before sending an impression.

About BOFU2017 this year

Last year there was a significant change to the team rules, because of this a legend was born. We think this legend brought various results, both good and bad. The concept of the "ULTIMATE" part of BOFU is to make it clear that "This is different from past BOF events". There has been a change in the rules regarding team regulations in this year as well. This time we are merging the team regulations from BOF2006, held 11 years ago, with the regulations from last year.

In BOF2006 the rule requiring at least three people per team was introduced, and this year we will introduce a rule requiring at least 2 people per team.
In BOFU2016 there was a rule that each team could have 3 to 6 songs, but this year we will disallow teams with 5 or more songs, and change the minimum number of songs to 2 instead. In other words, the number of songs that can be submitted per team is 2 to 4 songs this year. However, in order to avoid problems where a higher number of songs would be advantageous, there is a formula that uses 3 songs per team as a base, and teams with less or higher songs will have the correct formula applied. This is to make sure the competition is as fair as psosible.

Please note, this year it is not allowed to be a team representative for multiple teams.

Volunteeer Offer

We are recruiting volunteer staff for BOFU2017!

We are looking for people who can do the following:

  • See things from a neutral point of view.
  • Are able to interpret and translate English or Korean.
  • Patrol the BMS event venue.

If you are interested, please contact us via DM or email!


Team Registration Period

2017/5/20 ~ 2017/8/20

Registration Period Start


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