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BOF2008 is an event that make a team, create three works, and compete.
In principle, participants are encouraged to create one piece of work per each artist,
but you can make three works alone and even team of 48 artists are also possible.

You have to register all of the person involved with BMS as a member.
For example, all of BGA Artist / Vocalist / Performing Musician / Chart Designer are must be registered.

You can freely change member after the registration.
Please note that a team will be disqualified even if in session if the unregistered person is involved with BMS.

Participation of the same person to more than one teams is prohibited basically.
This is applied to all members except the tester.

General regulation

You must premise BMS can play properly. The file size is confined to less than 100MB with compressed, but in the case of the high quality version there is no limit.
File must be compressed with LZH, ZIP, or RAR.

This event is intended for the copy/arrange/remix BMS and original BMS.
But following BMS are strictly prohibited and disqualified irrespective of its other contents. Take care.

  • Non-playable. i.e. BMS without the keysounds
  • BMS of directionality unlike the music. BMSA and so forth.
  • BMS which use the audio that ripped from part of or all from CDs, for purpose of reproduction
  • BMS which just copied song / chart from the BEMANI series
  • BMS which consisted of only soundsets such as Musicbox
  • BMS which needs an MIDI Synthesizer to playback
  • BMS conversion of existing song by a composer that didn't participate in the team.
    (except if the arranger participated in the team)
  • You must make one or more 5key / 7key / 10key / 14key chart.
    In this regard, you can make 16 charts in total.
    Works will be disqualified when exceed this limit or didn't include any BMS.
    (Hidden chart is not included in the number of charts)

    If there is a chart using a extended spec that operate only with an specific player(using banner image, compressed audio[ogg and such], extended WAV definition,BGA extention, extended BMP defintion, video file, longnote, stop sequence and so forth)you must declare the recommended player.

    A revision / correction except the fatal error (such as chart error) after the registration is prohibited,
    however the revision such as follows is possible.

  • Conversion of BMS using more than 255 wavs(575 wavs) to less than 255 wavs(575 wavs)
  • Conversion of BMS using more than 255 bmps(575 bmps) to less than 255 bmps(575 bmps)
  • BMS before the audio compression
  • You need to agree to redistribution of BMS in session by a organizer or the volunteer that never modify the archive. (This is applied instantly when registered)
    The person who cannot agree to this cannot participate in this event.

    Rules of Impression

    This time, there is two impression types of Normal Impression and One-line Impression and users can choose either of it.
    Score will be decided from a total score and numbers of impression.

    Normal Impression

    Can post multiline impression.
    Assignable score is zero to one hundred and both anonymous impression and "Score only" impression are prohibited.

    One-line Impression

    New to BOF, "No comment" vote is allowed.
    assignable score is zero to one fifty, that is different from the Normal Impression.

    Please note that this type of impression isn't counted in median score(mentioned below).

    Prohibited Matter

    You can't revise the impression after being posted.
    please be forewarned in posting impression.

    Following type of impression may be removed without prior notice.
    If even once in particular was removed for reasons of code 4 and 5, all of impression by man in charge are also invalidated,
    and further impression may become invalid, too.

    1. Rigging the score
    2. An act that a team member puts score in own team
    3. Impression that downgraded because of being late.
      In this occasion, there is not the system such as penalty for tardiness.
      Because the work will be disqualified if late, please refrain from such an evaluation.
    4. Words of mental abuse, particularly slander for personal character.
    5. Trolling

    As the exception for code 4, if creator made a response to impression that conflict with code 4, work may be disqualified.
    As well, error by the reasons such as double posting doesn't have the penalty.

    Score Count

    A.Team Median Division

    This is the method adopted as a substitute for former "Average" division.
    Rank will be decided from median of impression scores.
    The idea of this new division is to countermeasure to rigging, relatively hard in median compared to average.

    This section does not evaluate the One-line Impression score and the number of the impressions.

    B.Team Score Division

    This is counting method introduced since BOF2004.
    Simply calculated from impression score.

    For instance, if we calculated score of "Nullpointer Corporation", winning team of BOF2004:
    Numbers of Impression : Score
    Total 28942

    C.Single Median Division

    A rule was changed because of the establishment of team median division.
    It's placed only for reference.
    Just a singles version of team median division, nothing special.

    D.Single Score Division

    Counting method only for reference, introduced since BOF2004.
    Singles version of team score division as well as single median division.


  • Registration Period 2008/09/20 0:00`2008/09/27 23:59 (JST)
  • Impression Period @2008/09/26 0:00`2008/10/18 23:59 (JST)

    Please note that the registered work will be shown in a moment, different from past BOF.
    There is no "Bail-out measure to being late". If past a registration period, registration is absolutely closed.
    You can't register the unfinished work for any reason(will be disqualified).
    Not only apply to this event, please have a margin of time when registering because registration work takes time.

    Team Regist

    In order to participate BOF2008, you have to take a temporary registration.
    After the temporary registration procedure, we send formal registration information to your registered e-mail address. Then fill the necessary field and please send it.
    After confirmation, team become officially registered when you perform team registration processing with a specific address.

  • Team Registration end 2008/05/31 23:59 (JST)